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A&N Luxe Label was established in August 2014 by co-owners Alex & Nouf, and has been rapidly expanding ever since.

Their major focus when starting the label was to provide women all over the globe with affordable formal & party-wear inspired by the worlds leading fashionista’s.

This week, I sat down with co-owners Nouf & Alex for an exclusive tell-all in the establishment of A&N Luxe Label.

Keep scrolling to read what they had to say.



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Nouf: “I’ve always thought of myself to have great fashion-sense, and eye for style. I love everything that resolves around fashion, and live & breathe the industry.

When I was growing up in Jordan, I would find myself in bed, living vicariously through wedding and bridal magazines. Everyday, I would say to myself “one day, when I’m older, I want to be a dress-maker – and design beautiful gowns”.

When my family moved to New Zealand, I found myself settling into studying a Human Resource Management & Marketing Degree at University – as NZ wasn’t really the home of fashion orientated opportunities.

Believe it or not, I didn’t commence a career in Fashion nor styling, until I moved to Australia in 2014. Upon moving here, I was extremely disappointed with what was on offer from most online boutiques. I found almost everything was either boho, or very basic.

I desired to find a store which was feminine, glamorous, sexy & affordable all in one. Thus, lead to my partner & I’s decision to commence our venture in creating an online store which is now; Alamour the Label & A&N Luxe Offical.”

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As a couple/co-business owners, we worked extremely hard. Majority of our weeks were spent staying awake until midnight every day – until recently when our first born baby son came along.

Throughout this time, our label grew massively – and continues to grow every day.

The Label still has a lot of potential and growing to do. I would love to improve on a few things for the years to come, such as; marketing, fabric sustainability, and all-round customer experience.


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Always follow your heart.

No matter what everyone around you is saying – if you work really HARD, you can make any dream a reality.

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Passion, hard work, & dedication.


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We would love to open a showroom in each major city around the world. We are also aiming for our website to be more advanced, allowing customers a more efficient shopping experience.


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Creating a brand that has flourished over the years from nothing to what it is today.
We also feel real joy knowing we’ve made so many girls feel beautiful world-wide in our label.

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I’d have to say Versace or Dolce & Gabbana.

Both are luxurious Italian brands that produce uniquely beautiful prints, sexy designs, and timeless pieces.

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Elegant & sexy.

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Our dream location was Paris – which was achieved earlier this year via our sister label ‘ALAMOUR’.

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All customer design requests are encountered for, and referred to when creating a new collection.

We make sure we can deliver dream gowns to our customers, whilst still keeping the designs in-line with the brand’s image and personalised style.




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