Much like hair & make-up, figuring out what colours work best for your skin tone when it comes to shopping online can at times become very complicated.

There’s honestly nothing worse than receiving your dream dress – trying it on and all of a sudden feeling like a super colourless version of yourself.

Ever wondered why this may be the case with your favourite colours? Well, believe it or not, it all comes down to one thing: the undertone of your skin. 

Want know what colours work perfectly with your undertone, but just don’t know where to start?  If this is you, then we recommend reading on…




To figure out what colour clothing is going to suit you best, you must foremost determine the undertone of your skin colour.

The best way to discover this is through a simple examination of your veins.

Vein Colours:

Look at the veins on the inside of your wrists – Do they appear blue to dark purple or green? If they are blue, then this means you are ‘cool-toned’. Whereas, if they are green; you are ‘warm-toned’.

If your veins appear to be a medley of both colours, then it is most likely that you are ‘neutral-toned’.

Now that you have determined your undertone, keep reading to see which colours we believe would look amazing on you! 



If you’ve got warm undertones, for you the best colours are going to be those which are rich and reflect the shades of earth & nature. 

We recommend opting for gorgeous colours such as red, peach, khaki/olive, burnt orange, and gold – as these captivating hues are sure to illuminate your skin; resulting in a natural glow.

Stray away from wintry shades such as steel-blue, cool pastels, & dusty/faded colours; as they will cause your skin to appear awfully greyish and washed-out.

A&N Luxe Label designs we believe would look gorgeous on our warm-undertone gals are our Camila Cocktail Dress – PeachNyla Glitter Cocktail Dress – GoldSahara Gown – Olive, & the amazing Marla Sequin Gown – Red.



On the flip-side of the colour wheel, our cool under-toned girls should be pairing their predominantly blue undertones with beautiful oceanic inspired shades such as; sky blue, navy, emerald, & stark white.

Two other shades which are eye-catching on cool under-tones, are frosty purples, and subtle/rosy pinks

Be aware of bright reds or oranges; which are going to over-power the natural red within your skin, resulting in you looking like the colour you’re wearing.

If you’re looking for an extra amazing dress for your next special occasion, we recommend pairing your cool under-tones with one of the following A&N designs; Camila Cocktail Dress – EmeraldLayali Lace Gown – NavySalome Satin Gown – Sky Blue, & Marinela Tulle Gown – Pink.




If you’ve been blessed with a medley of the two under-tones, it isn’t news that almost all shades of colour are going to look amazing on you.

However, hues that are going to really dramatise your neutral under-toned glow can be found in the middle of the colour spectrum.

We recommend opting for light or dusty pinks, rose gold, taupe, and off-whites like oyster, & vanilla.

Although, you can generally get away with wearing any colour; perhaps avoid incorporating copious amounts of vibrant colours within your wardrobe as they may overwhelm your natural luminescence.

Styles which will look breathtaking against your undertone are our Antonia Gown – Oyster, Aaliyah Sequin Dress – Rose Gold, Zendaya Tulle Gown, & Rita Glitter Gown – Rose Gold

Love a gown but don’t think the colour of it will suit your skin tone? No problem! Our team can change the colour of our designs to suit your desire at special request.

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